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INFP weaknesses


If the work has no meaning INFPs will struggle to maintain interest and their minds will drift off to loftier thoughts. They are not naturally detailed individuals but also do not respond well to deadlines or targets preferring to feel bought in to activities, or cultures and then they will work long and hard for ‘the cause.’ This need for meaning pervades the INFP world and motivating INFPs is around making them feel valued for who they are and then their contribution will be fulfilling and immense. The INFP need for harmony means that they may struggle in a tense or aggressive atmosphere and also that they have trouble giving negative feedback as they don’t like to upset the equilibrium. Facts and details bore INFPs and they tend to ignore them in favour of big picture, future orientation and meaning. They are optimistic and positive types which is great at acting as the glue and raising morale among people but it may negate them accepting or even seeing anything negative as they tend not to ‘confront the brutal facts,’ focusing on what might be rather than what is. This optimism and positivity also means they do not like to be constrained or micromanaged needing flexibility to do things in the way that is best for them and, to be honest, this approach will get the best out of INFPs allowing them to contribute more.

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INFP strengths


The INFP inhabits the internal world of imagination and creativity and are not bound by traditions or the usual conventions. They won’t deliberately go and buck the system they will simply withdraw and do things their own way. INFPs have the maxim ‘live and let live’ except when something encroaches on their personal values and then the INFP can change and become inflexible and judgemental. INFPs will need to consider the wider ramifications and any activity, task or project must have some bigger meaning or be part of something to which they feel they can expend their emotional energies and, if this is the case, the INFP can be so productive and even sweep up the detail - provided there is a clear causal link to the bigger picture. In some organisations it is the fact that an INFP is committed to the cause that makes things tick although they prefer to remain independent of spirit and of control they can, paradoxically, be excellent organisational people. The INFP has an interesting, unique take on the world, will be generally seen as reserved but their passions know no bounds if they are committed to the task/project/people/organisation. INFPs, although quite shy and under the radar, nevertheless need harmony and in its absence will work hard to create an environment where everyone rubs along.

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♚ She pushed upon both doors at once with the flat of her gloved hands, but neither one would budge. Locked and barred. “Let me in, you stupid,” she said. “I crossed the narrow sea.” She made a fist and pounded. “Jaqen told me to come. I have the iron coin.” She pulled it from her pouch and held it up. “See? V a l a r   m o r g h u l i s.” The doors made no reply, except to open.

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i will return to gondor, says boromir, and aragorn is silent (but watches him closely and thinks of their ancestors — his and boromir’s, and what they would say of this tangle of inheritance) 

i will reclaim the mountain, says thorin, and balin is silent (but watches thorin as thorin leads, and balin a step behind; and he thinks of the line of durin and the ancestors who cannot say anything of this fool-driven quest, for they perished all of their own foolishnesses) 

boromir reaches for the ring and it leads him to his death; thorin reaches for the mountain, for the gold, for the arkenstone, and he brings his heirs into death with him 

boromir reaches for honor and wealth; thorin reaches for inheritance and power; both are lured by the means, the gold that blinds to all green and growing things

boromir whispers my king, i would have followed you to victory, and lies on a forest floor far from home; thorin whispers o hobbit, i would have seen your peace, and lies on a rocky battlefield outside the mouth of his mountain; both never to see their homelands again, though neither belong truly to those places 

you are not yourself, hears boromir, and thinks who am i then, if not myself, king of stewards, favored son, who has been given the burden of hope by his father? who am i to ignore my duty in favor of halflings? 

you are not yourself, hears thorin, and thinks who am i then, if not king of the mountain, heir of durin, favored by prophecy, who have come this far and endured so much? who am i to cease fighting here, at the doorstep of my fate? 

it is only in the last breath before the final blow, before the first arrow, that they realize: they are protectors of family and comrades; they are servants of their peoples; they are led astray by pride; they are gold-blind, power-hungry; they are fools. they are not kings. 

i am no thief, says boromir, for denethor taught him well that any tool may be of use in keeping their line on the throne, and what is a hobbit to claim ownership of such a thing? a kind soul, surely, but not mankind who understands better the weight of gold: weight that barely keeps denethor on his throne and boromir in his status

i am not my grandfather, says thorin, for his grandfather is dead of pride and rage; but thorin has spent too long planning vengeance to be full of nothing but rage and pride. too long leading his people, providing for family, remembering the dead. 

no, this is not who they are.

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Battle not with monsters,
lest you become a monster
and if you gaze into the abyss,
the abyss gazes into you.
by Friedrich Nietzsche  (via lastisle)
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procrastination = hijabi babe power

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Golden Retriever / Siberian Husky mix

That is seriously the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

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Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
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I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
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Fill your life with inspiration!

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